Real Ballers Read

Real Ballers Read

Brothers Jan and Miles Menafee have grown a lot through their love of reading books. Their shared passion inspired them to start Real Ballers Read, a catalyst for helping young people feel more excited about reading through social media and fashion. Here on their podcast, they invite amazing people to talk about meaningful books in their lives, then Jan and Miles read the books, talk about them with their guests, and share the wonderful conversations here with you. Support this podcast:

Real Ballers ReadMarch 10, 202402:40:40222.36 MB

96. Song of Solomon with Danny Dunson

In this episode, we talk with our brilliant older brother, Danny Dunson. Danny went to church on this one, sharing an interwoven story and analysis of his life and experience with Toni Morrison&#...

Real Ballers ReadMarch 10, 202401:12:41100.64 MB

95. Holy American Burnout with Sean Enfield

In this episode, we talk with the incredible writer, Sean Enfield about his debut collection of essays, Holy American Burnout. Sean goes deep into the questions and experiences that shaped the wr...

Real Ballers ReadMarch 10, 202401:04:1789.02 MB

94. With Love, We Fight with Kendall Bryant

In this episode, we talk with the brilliant Kendall Bryant about a book that's in the hallowed halls of their personal canon, Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. The story of this book for Kendal...

Real Ballers ReadMarch 09, 202401:35:02131.55 MB

93. Emergent Strategy with Justus Pugh

In this episode with our dear brother, Justus Pugh we talk about beavers, ducks, bird people, and all of the beauty of discovering the world anew through the lens of Emergent Strategy, adrienne marie...

Real Ballers ReadMarch 05, 202401:25:50118.83 MB

92. No Apologies with Felton Kizer

Felton Kizer is an uncontainable creative and entrepreneur who we also know as a dear friend and brother. In this episode, we talk about a book that is as raw and truthful as he is, Prelude to Ki...

Real Ballers ReadFebruary 11, 202400:47:1865.51 MB

91. Exploring Health and the Meaning of Home with Sidney Miles

We got to chop it up with our good brother Sidney, a local Chicago legend, fitness coach, entrepreneur, artist, model, and community organizer. We talked with him about his story getting back into re...

Real Ballers ReadJanuary 25, 202401:16:40106.15 MB

90. Sand, Sweat & Poetry with Ashanee Kottage

In this episode, we are joined by our exceptionally talented friend, Ashanee Kottage. Ashanee is a multi-hyphenate artist and has just published her debut poetry collection, Sand & Sweat. We talk...

Real Ballers ReadJanuary 22, 202401:20:08110.95 MB

89. Exploring Césaire's "Return to My Native Land" with Mamadou.

In this episode, we talk with our good brother Mamadou about Aimé Césaire's book-length poem "Return to My Native Land" and how it has already shaped his thinking and storytelling. We m...

Real Ballers ReadDecember 15, 202301:25:37118.52 MB

88. Being the Main Character with Cam Burton

Cam Burton is one of our brilliant friends who thinks deeply and humorously on a wide range of topics. In this episode, we talk about what he's been reading recently and the technological sci-fi ...

Real Ballers ReadDecember 04, 202301:00:0683.23 MB

87. The Future of Technology with Jadal Williams

In this episode, we talked with our friend, Jadal Williams, a genius studying robotics for his PhD at MIT. He just came back from an exciting trip abroad where he got to see the future of robotic tec...