MahoganyBooks Front Row: The PodcastApril 08, 2024x
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A Bold Conversation on Aging, Financial Insecurity, and Social Change

Have you ever pondered the narratives that shape our approach to aging, particularly as women? Our latest episode at MahoganyBooks brings together Lyn Slater, Christine Platt, and Elizabeth White, th...

MahoganyBooks Front Row: The PodcastMarch 25, 2024x
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A Tapestry Woven from Black Struggle, Literature, and Leadership

As we gather around the warm, inclusive space of a MahoganyBooks author event, we're reminded that the power of literature is not just in storytelling, but in shaping futures and fueling revolut...

MahoganyBooks Front Row: The PodcastMarch 11, 2024x
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Crafting a Narrative at the Crossroads of Black Masculinity and Queerness

Embark on a profound exploration of African-American literature and personal storytelling with Rasheed Copeland and our guest Dr. Tony Keith Jr., as they unravel the threads of identity, language, an...

Real Ballers ReadMarch 10, 202402:40:40222.36 MB

96. Song of Solomon with Danny Dunson

In this episode, we talk with our brilliant older brother, Danny Dunson. Danny went to church on this one, sharing an interwoven story and analysis of his life and experience with Toni Morrison&#...

Real Ballers ReadMarch 10, 202401:12:41100.64 MB

95. Holy American Burnout with Sean Enfield

In this episode, we talk with the incredible writer, Sean Enfield about his debut collection of essays, Holy American Burnout. Sean goes deep into the questions and experiences that shaped the wr...

Real Ballers ReadMarch 10, 202401:04:1789.02 MB

94. With Love, We Fight with Kendall Bryant

In this episode, we talk with the brilliant Kendall Bryant about a book that's in the hallowed halls of their personal canon, Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. The story of this book for Kendal...

Real Ballers ReadMarch 09, 202401:35:02131.55 MB

93. Emergent Strategy with Justus Pugh

In this episode with our dear brother, Justus Pugh we talk about beavers, ducks, bird people, and all of the beauty of discovering the world anew through the lens of Emergent Strategy, adrienne marie...

Real Ballers ReadMarch 05, 202401:25:50118.83 MB

92. No Apologies with Felton Kizer

Felton Kizer is an uncontainable creative and entrepreneur who we also know as a dear friend and brother. In this episode, we talk about a book that is as raw and truthful as he is, Prelude to Ki...

MahoganyBooks Front Row: The PodcastFebruary 27, 2024x
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Cultivating Resilience Against Racial Stressors

When Dr. Rheeda L. Walker graced our Anacostia bookstore, we embarked on a profound journey into the heart of African-American mental health. Her inspiring story, from the roots of Savannah, Georgia ...