About Our Network

Trane is the most popular podcast network in North America. We've been nominated to 23 Poddy awards and our creators are best in class.

The MahoganyBooks Team at it's Grand Opening

Welcome to the heart and soul of literary exploration – the MahoganyBooks Podcast Network! We are more than just a podcast network; we are a community of book lovers, storytellers, and cultural enthusiasts committed to celebrating the rich tapestry of Black literature and the voices that shape it.

At MahoganyBooks, we believe that every story is a journey, and through our podcasts, we invite you to embark on captivating literary voyages that span genres, eras, and perspectives. Our network is a vibrant space where words come alive, and conversations unfold like the pages of a well-worn book.

Our Story: MahoganyBooks was born out of a shared passion for diverse literature and a commitment to amplifying Black voices in the literary world. As avid readers, we understand the power of storytelling to inspire, educate, and connect communities. The MahoganyBooks Podcast Network is an extension of our bookstore, a platform where we bring the pages to life through engaging discussions, author interviews, and thought-provoking conversations.

What Sets Us Apart: Our podcast network stands out for its commitment to inclusivity and the celebration of the rich literary heritage of the African diaspora. From contemporary fiction to classic literature, poetry to memoirs, our podcasts cover a spectrum of genres and themes. We are dedicated to exploring the breadth and depth of Black literature, ensuring that every listener finds a story that resonates with them.