Celebrating Black Financial Empowerment with Tiffany Aliche
MahoganyBooks Front Row: The PodcastFebruary 12, 2024x
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Celebrating Black Financial Empowerment with Tiffany Aliche

Ever wondered how to untangle the often complex web of personal finance? Tiffany Aliche, affectionately known as the Budgetnista, joins us to share her pearls of financial wisdom that have captivated audiences nationwide and landed her features in Forbes and on OWN. With her down-to-earth style, Tiffany transforms confusing financial jargon into bite-sized, actionable strategies that empower our community to thrive. We're ecstatic to celebrate the launch of her latest book, a beacon of hope and guidance for those looking to master their money matters with grace and wisdom.

This episode is more than a simple author talk; it's a heartfelt homage to black love and the bond Tiffany shared with her supportive husband. As we sing a joyous 'Happy Birthday' to her new book, we also honor the milestones and triumphs that continue to enrich African-American literature. Laugh with us, learn with us, and discover why Tiffany's new release is fondly dubbed the 'Big Sister book.' 

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